Filter tips

Filter tips substantially improve your self-rolled cigarettes. The smoking of your Roll Your Own Cigarette is much more comfortable because there are no more annoying tobacco crumbs at the tip. The cigarette is easier to roll and features a better shape. It is also cheaper because the tip costs less than a butt of tobacco! The filter tip is simply rolled together with the tobacco, which is easy to accomplish creating the perfect roll your own cigarette every time. A rolling machine may also be used to ensure consistent results every time.

The acetate filters are cut to the right length, 15mm filters for a full flavour and 21mm for a somewhat milder smoking pleasure. The cut filters are then packed into convenient re-sealable plastic bags or in cardboard boxes, ready for dispatch.

We also manufacture precut filters in sticks. These filter tips are wrapped in 6’s, in a protective film, thus easy to carry and ready to use.

All filters come in different diameters: ultra-slim, slim, regular.
There are a full range of different filter tips that include menthol and charcoal varieties as well.
We manufacture the leading brand of filters as well as private labels.

Our tubes and filters are sold in 25 different countries around the globe.

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