Cigarette tubes

The cigarette tubes are made of cigarette paper, filter and tipping paper by tube making machines.
A tube making machine looks like a cigarette making machine. But making a tube is much more difficult than making a standard cigarette due to the weight difference between the filter side and the cigarette side.

To produce high quality tubes which can be easily processed by our customers, our employees continuously control the quality with regards to filter length, diameter and bonding strength. We use extremely sophisticated automatic machines that thoroughly check each quality criteria.
In addition to that, samples are taken at set times and tested for their quality. The results of these tests are recorded.
Once the tubes are manufactured, they are automatically packed in display boxes.

There is a full range of different pack sizes, we can deliver packs of 100, 200, 250 or 300 tubes.
We also produce menthol and charcoal tubes as well as minitubes (dim:68mm x 7,2mmØ)
We manufacture the leading brands of tubes as well as private labels

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